SUNDAY SCHOOL meets about 10 minutes after the worship service in the Multipurpose Room. Lessons based on the sermon, a memory verse, and a fun activity are included each Sunday.

  • Meets 10 minutes after the church service in the Multipurpose Room
  • Visitors are welcome
  • Parents are wecome to observe the children's class or to fellowship in the Worship Room around coffee and donuts


THE CHURCH SERVICE is a wonderful place for children, and Redeemer Fellowship encourages families to worship together in church. Children's sermon outlines, coloring pages, and activity sheets are available to help children participate in the service.

  • Clipboards with a choice of activity sheets, coloring pages, or sermon outlines
  • Colored pencils for coloring
  • A variety of stickers for younger tots



CHILDREN'S ACTIVITIES are scheduled regularly, and include game nights, social events, swimming, and more!